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 [Recruiting][Development][Server][Client][Website] Project - Unknown

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[Recruiting][Development][Server][Client][Website] Project - Unknown Empty
PostSubject: [Recruiting][Development][Server][Client][Website] Project - Unknown   [Recruiting][Development][Server][Client][Website] Project - Unknown EmptyWed Oct 16, 2013 1:20 am

Edit:    Base that we are using:  Clean Hyperion

Hello fellow Moparians,

My name is Sean AKA Twins,
Hello members of RSPSCODES Forums.

I am from Israel (The Holy Land  Smile ), I am 25 years old. I am currently in my military service here in Israel. I live in America for 10 years,  in that 10 years I studied the follow things:

   Business Management
   Web Developing

Now that I have 1 year left until I finish my military service, things are more calm for me here... less ambushes, no more Syria nor Lebanon. So I have some nice time to be on my laptop and do things I love which is RSPS and some other things.

I am starting a development team which I want to be part of and not in charge of. I will do actions that involve of "being in charge" because I will have to, but I want to feel like all my other team mates in the manner of doing actions to get to the highest potential of a Rs Project that can be.

I am really looking for having fun working together,  I also want people that do not have any idea in Java or what ever to join, so they can learn from me and others.

Regarding financial actions for the server: Currently, since the server is not ready to be launched, there wont be a VPS\Dedicated Server. After the server will be ready for new I will take care of having a hosting.

This is the managing list (List of posts that needs to be filled by you)

Development Department
Coding Department


Art Department

   Client Interface and Modeling
   Server - Story Line
   Banners, Team Signatures, Logos, Special team modeling

Website Department

   Web Graphics
   Web Modeling

Community Department

   Forum Mods\Admins
   Support Line
   Tech Support
   Gaming Support
   Community Needs Manager
   Public Relations Officer

Regarding the base that the project is going to be developed from:  I have a lot of good ideas regarding what base should be used for the project,  but I think this is something that should be decided within the team and not by myself,  because this can affect on what the team mates are willing to work on and what not,  so after we get a minimum number of teammates we will decide it right away and will update this post with it.

This is what is needed for now - Application is open for everyone.
If you feel that you can contribute in any other way, feel free to talk to me about it.
Feel free to contact me in skype: Shony.Arnon

I will soon enough update this post with New, Updates, TDL, Screenshots and more so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we will be working together.


P.S.:   For those who are going to write here unneeded or unwanted comments - please dont. Comment if you have something positive or constructive to say - or of course you have any questions regarding certain features or factors that I did not talk about.
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[Recruiting][Development][Server][Client][Website] Project - Unknown
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